Friday, October 17, 2008

Intersex Solidarity Day - November 8

Intersex Solidarity Day - November 8
Herculine Barbin’s Birthday

The Organisation Intersex International would like to invite others to join us each year by commemorating November 8 as Intersex Solidarity Day. All human rights organizations, feminist allies, academics and gender specialists, as well as other groups and individuals interested in intersex human rights, are invited to show their solidarity by organizing workshops, lectures, discussions and other activities which deal with any or all of the following topics:
  • the life of Herculine Barbin
  • intersex normalisation treatments without consent
  • the violence of the binary sex and gender system
  • the sexism implicit within the binary construct of sex and gender
Please show your solidarity with the intersex community. Intersex rights are humans rights. Also, please sign our petition:

If you would like to announce your activity on our website, please contact us.
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