Monday, September 11, 2006

DSD - Is there really a consensus?

We in OII have been interested in the new term which those who feel they speak for us are now imposing on us. Just as our sex was imposed on us without our consent, now the experts and DSD activists are imposing pejorative terminology on us as our new identity. Was there really any consultation of those directly affected by this new pejorative identity label? It appears there was not. Most of us do not identify as disordered nor do we feel that our sex is disordered.

You can find information here about how we feel:

Scroll down and you will see letters from intersex activists about DSD on the following site:
Very interesting that one of the activists in favor of this new identity label is not intersexed but a parent and a doctor herself. The guidelines for OUR "management" are written for these two groups - doctors and parents. They offer no manual for US.

The Organisation Intersex International did a survey:

DSD Survey results thus far: