Sunday, April 09, 2006

Hermaphrodite Kisses

Hermaphrodite Kisses

I look at you for the first time
You lower your eyes, the small timid guy
And slowly you smile and I take your hand
In mine – two hermaphrodite hands

I take you in my arms and press you against me
You the little guy with porcelaine skin
Soft as velvet – it gives me the shivers
And me the tall girl with a beard

I feel you finally collapse in my arms
Our two bodies sing in unison
I place my lips on yours
Two electric bodies – Souls sparkling

A long kiss, one we had waited so long for
Between two hermaphrodites who finally find each other
And I whisper softly in your ear
I adore boys who are girls…

Who love girls who are boys.

Curtis E. Hinkle